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PC Repairs

Is your desktop running slow? Not sure whether to add more memory or change your hard drive? We can do it all.

Setup New Equipment

Just bought a new printer? Need a modem installed? We’ll configure almost any peripheral device to work with your particular computer.

SaaS Support

Software as a service delivers scalable, efficient ways to run your mission-critical software via local virtual machine, cloud-hosted systems, and industrial settings that may be too hazardous for expensive workstations.

IT Support

Kore Services can provide all of your IT Support needs. Whether you need a help desk-style professional on your side when programs crash, or a Managed Services, we are ready to support you in your all IT needs.

Computer Training

Kore Services can provide training for all of your tech needs. New version of Windows, updates in Mac, new Gaming devices, new mobile devices and new VR headsets all come with a lot of features that take a lot of getting used to.

Virus Removal

Virus removal that goes beyond a basic scan. Many free options only remove major parts of malware.


Backup is a pain but worth it in the long run. We have all been there. Protect all your important documents and files before disaster strikes.

Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, we can help you add the right number and types of devices, or help you streamline existing systems to fit your new business model. Salvaging, repurposing, and recycling can help you reclaim your investment.

Smart Home support

Need advice on the latest automation, or need help with your newest install? Let us help!

Critical Data Recovery

Data recovery services to reclaim those lost files after a damaged drive, virus infection, or other tech catastrophes.

Networks + Wireless

More than one computer in the house? Want to setup wireless printer? Call us today and let us setup your Network and Wireless devices.

Ready 24/7

Our team of tech professionals are ready to deliver cutting edge support when crisis strikes. No need to worry about extended holidays or late night server crashes with no one awake to handle the mess.

Email Setup and Troubleshooting

We can come out to setup an email account for you, and configure them on your phone, ipad, laptop and PC.


Quick Repair

Our company is reliable, and our work is trusted. We provide worry-free service that you can always count on.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident with our service that if we can’t fix the problem, you don’t pay. All repairs come with a 100% Money back guarantee.

On time delivery

Choose the delivery method that matches your requirements. We provides fast and quick pick and drop facility.

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