It’s not just about finding the cheapest part on the market, or even overpaying for the “best” product at the most expensive price point. There is a proper product or service for every task, and even multiple options that can be weighed by our professionals to find the right cost for you.

  • Urgent, same-day service is usually available no matter when you call.
  • We do it all – PCs, Macs, Printers, Servers, Email, POS terminals, Accounting softwares, wireless networks, Data Recovery and more!
  • No hidden fees or charges; we’re upfront and transparent about our billing.

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Managed services to free up your business resources. Instead of hosting your own website or performing local backups, allow Kore Services to host and manage the services that matter to you. Our team of system professionals can install and maintain your services on our systems, and even work with partner providers for seamless transitions.

IT Support without the employee overhead. If your business is still growing and you can’t justify an entire IT department, we can help! Kore Services can provide the help desk support you need with service level agreements that make sense to the cost-conscious business leader.

If your business doesn’t have enough tech troubles for a full-time tech, this is a great option for handling those rare system problems, or when you just need a helping hand with a program that doesn’t make much sense out of the box.

Ready 24/7. Our team of tech professionals are ready to deliver cutting edge support when crisis strikes. No need to worry about extended holidays or late night server crashes with no one awake to handle the mess; with Kore Services on your side, you can tackle the biggest tech problems at zero hour.

Business IT assets can be high risk, high reward investments that need skilled staff at the helm. If you want to reap the benefits of the newest software, hardware, and tech concepts on the market, you need a team that already weaves cutting-edge tech decisions into their daily lives.

Kore Services maintains a high quality team of technicians and engineers to deliver top tier technical services for your business to help you grow.

Avoid the big box price tag by trusting Kore Services efficient budget and investment planning for better technology with better prices.

Design and deploy workstations and mobile workplace around security, comfort, and convenience.

Scalable solutions for changing needs. As your business grows, we can help you add the right number and types of devices, or help you streamline existing systems to fit your new business model.

Downsizing with plans to rebuild? Salvaging, re-purposing, and recycling can help you reclaim some of your original investment while protecting the environment.

SaaS support. Software as a service delivers scalable, efficient ways to run your mission-critical software via local virtual machine, cloud-hosted systems, and industrial settings that may be too hazardous for expensive workstations.